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About Us

"Annual Cardiologists Congress“ is a prestigious event organized with a motivation to provide an excellent international platform for the doctors, medical students, academicians, researchers, engineers, industrial participants and budding students around the world to express their research findings with the global experts. Cardiologist-2020 will be held in Rome,Italy in July 22-23, 2020
It likewise gives a chief interdisciplinary stage to specialists, professionals and instructors to introduce and talk about the latest developments, patterns, and worries just as common-sense difficulties experienced and arrangements received in the fields of Cardiology.
This Conference is sorted out by conference series. The meeting would offer countless welcomed addresses from prestigious speakers everywhere throughout the nation. The Best paper grants will be given for the papers made a decision to make the most noteworthy commitment to the meeting.
The key aim of Cardiologist-2020 is to give chance to the worldwide members to share their thoughts and involvement face to face with their companions expected to join from various parts on the world. What's more this social occasion will assist the representatives with establishing examination or business relations just as to discover global linkage for future joint efforts in their vocation way. We trust that Cardiologist-2020 result will prompt noteworthy commitments to the information base in these forward-thinking logical fields in degree.
Annual Cardiologists Congress 2020 offers a great opportunity to meet people in the field of Cardiology. It enables to know the recent trends in the Cardiology and Medical Science by professed doctor & scientists globally. It allows the company representatives to exhibit their products and to have meetings with the scientists in order to increase their business opportunities.
  • Directors, CEO’s of Organizations
  • Cardiac Surgeons
  • Cardio-thoracic Surgeons
  • Physicians
  • Noble laureates in Health Care and Medicine
  • Cardiac Nurses& Nurse Practitioners
  • Cardiology Associations and Societies
  • Business Professionals
  • Doctors
  • Cardiologists
  • Vascular Surgeons
  • Medical colleges and universities
  • Professors
  • Researchers & Scientists
  • Anaesthesiologists
  • Medicine Experts
  • Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies
  • PhD Scholars

Scientific Sessions

Heart diseases area unit the disorders that have an effect on the guts. Diseases below the guts diseases umbrella embody vessel diseases, like arteria illness, cardiac rhythm issues (arrhythmias), and heart defects i.e. inherent heart defects, Rheumatic cardiopathy, hypertensive cardiopathy, anemia cardiopathy, high blood pressure etc.Heart failure may be a condition within which the guts cannot pump enough blood to satisfy the body's wants. The term “Heart failure “doesn’t mean that the guts has stopped its functions. CHD will cause coronary failure by weakening the guts muscle over time. However, coronary failure may be a serious condition that needs treatment.Hyper rheumatic heart disease 

  • Hyper rheumatic heart disease 
  • Inflammatory heart disease
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Cerebrovascular disease
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Aneurysm
  • Cardiomyopathy

Obesity will increase the danger for cardiovascular disease and stroke. however it harms quite simply the center diagnosing and vas system. it is also a significant reason behind gallstones, arthritis and metabolism issues. additionally to weight gain may be a frequent consequence of heart damaging modus vivendi decisions like lack of exercise & a fat laden diet. fleshiness can also cause serious conditions like failure, within which your heart can’t pump enough blood to the body. Having polygenic disorder or pre-diabetes puts one at hyperbolic risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke. One will lower its risk by keeping the glucose (also known as blood sugar), cardiovascular disease and blood sterol getting ready to the counseled target numbers the amount prompt by polygenic disorder specialists permanently health. Stroke and coronary cardiovascular disease will be caused by a similar drawback hardening of the arteries.Diabetes Mellitus and Stroke

  • Diabetes Mellitus and Stroke
  • Abdominal Obesity
  • Vascular dementia
  • Abnormal cholesterol and high triglycerides
  • Haemorrhagic Strokes (Bleeds)
  • Metabolic syndrome

The Division of medicine medical specialty is chargeable for the diagnosing of inherent heart defects, playacting diagnostic procedures like echocardiograms, internal organ catheterizations, and electrophysiology studies, and for the on-going management of the sequel of heart condition in infants, youngsters and adolescents. the assorted Inflammatory heart diseases embody carditis, mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome could be a rare childhood sickness that affects the blood vessels. There also are different serous membrane diseases that may gift clinically as acute carditis, serous membrane effusion, tamponage, and constrictive carditis. Infective carditis could be a variety of carditis. it's associate degree inflammation of the inner tissues of the center. These square measure the most inflammatory defects for Babies Heart.Cardiac Malformation.

  • Cardiac Malformation
  • Congenital Abnormalities
  • Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndromes
  • Auditory Stimulation Therapy
  • Myocarditis

Cardiovascular diseases ar a bunch of disorders of the guts diagnosing and blood vessels. disorder includes arterial blood vessel diseases (CAD) like angina and infarct (commonly referred to as a heart attack). alternative connected diseases embody stroke, heart disease, cardiovascular disease cardiovascular disease, rheumatic cardiovascular disease, cardiopathy, heart cardiopathy, nonheritable cardiovascular disease, controller cardiovascular disease, viscus medicine, arteria aneurysms, peripheral artery sickness, thrombo-embolic sickness, and thrombosis.The most common reason for this is often a build-up of fatty deposits on the inner walls of the blood vessels that provide the guts or brain. Strokes may be caused by trauma from a vessel within the brain or from blood clots.Valvular Heart Diseases.

  • Valvular Heart Diseases
  • Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism
  • Coronary Artery Diseases
  • Rheumatic Heart Diseases
  • Congenital Heart Defect

Cardiology rate of increase for girls abundant slower than alternative areas. Overwhelming majority of girls work regular thirty third of girls performed fluoro- procedures whereas pregnant. twenty ninth of girls didn't receive any data regarding radiations. Cardiovascular diseases still be the leading reason behind death among ladies within the states. Sex-specific knowledge centered on upset are increasing steady nonetheless isn't habitually collected nor translated into follow. This comprehensive review focuses on novel and distinctive aspects of vas health in ladies and sex variations as they relate to clinical follow within the hindrance, diagnosis, and treatment of upset. Pregnancy-related disorders and CVD risk association

  • Pregnancy-related disorders and CVD risk association
  • Persistence of weight gain after pregnancy
  • Radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer
  • ASA in women with diabetes mellitus
  • Ischemic heart disease in women
  • Acute coronary syndromes in women

Cardiology Conferences promotes awareness against Risk issue modification regarding the center diseases. the foremost comprehensive supplier of vas services within the hindrance, detection, management and treatment of the vas diseases. This annual medicine meeting may be a platform for postgraduate education and scientific add the fields of medicine, angiology, high blood pressure and internal organ and vascular  surgery. It reduces clinical events and premature death in individuals with disorder risk. disorder is treatable with initial treatment primarily targeted on diet and life-style interventions. The medical meeting focuses on the treatment of diseases and new theories of diagnosing of the blood vessels and therefore the system or heart.Pericarditis

  • Pericarditis
  • Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism
  • Coronary Artery Diseases
  • Congenital Heart Defect
  • Venous Thrombosis

Cardiology Meetings | Pediatric Cardiology Conference | Cardiac Summit | Cardio Oncology Congress | Cardiac Pharmacology Conference | Cardiology Conference | Pediatric Cardiology Congress|

Session 7: Cardiology - Future Medicine

A heart surgeon may be a doctor World Health Organization makes a speciality of the studies of heart & its functions & additionally designation, treatment and preventing diseases associated with heart and blood vessels. you would possibly additionally visit a heart surgeon, thus you'll study your risk factors for heart condition and resolve what measures you'll hold higher heart health. medical specialty – Future drugs may be a field that is ever-changing apace, New technologies as drug-eluting stents, assist devices for heart ventricle, and novel inflammatory markers, and imaging modalities like resonance imaging and 3D diagnostic technique.

  • Pediatric cardiologists
  • Cardiovascular Anesthesiology
  • Cardiovascular Pathology Research
  • Preventive cardiologists

Medical diagnosis relies on info from sources like findings from a physical examination, interview with the patient or family or each, anamnesis of the patient and family, and clinical findings as according by laboratory tests and radiologic studies, electrophysiology, X-ray photography, radiography etc. medical aid is incredibly essential once the center sickness is diagnosed. The aim of treatment is stabilising the condition, dominant symptoms over the future, and providing a cure once potential. Stress reduction, diet, and way changes ar key in managing heart regeneration, however the most stays of standard care ar medicine and surgery.

  • Electrocardiogram & Echocardiography
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Cardiac Computerized Tomography (CT) scan
  • Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Chest X Ray

Heart Regeneration is repair or replacement of broken heart tissue with techniques like stylish science, as well as somatic cell and acellular medical care. The tools that ar used are built to revive broken heart regeneration and performance victimization the body's aptitude to regenerate. operating along, patients and suppliers ar finding heart regenerative solutions that restore, renew and recycle patients' own reparative capability.Trans differentiation During Heart Regeneration

  • Trans differentiation During Heart Regeneration
  • Cardiac Remodeling
  • Cardiac Derived Stem Cells
  • Tissue Engineering-Concepts for Generation of Cardiac Tissue
  • Biomimetic Heart Valve Replacement 
Track 10: Cardio Oncology

Cardio-oncology is that the heart disease in patients UN agency are treated for cancer. Cardiologists estimate patients for potential risk of developing heart conditions if patients take bound forms of cancer medicine, or alternative radiation treatment to the chest conditions. Cardiologists conjointly facilitate oncologists in patients throughout treatment by closely observation the center conditions and recognizing heart hassle early in treatment.

  • Chemotherapy-related cardiac dysfunctions
  • Platinum-Based Chemotherapy Agents
  • Cardio-oncology programs
  • Novel Targeted Therapies
  • Targeting Tyrosine Kinases for Cancer Therapy
  • Radiation-Induced Heart Disease

Cardiovascular pharmacological medicine deals with the medication of internal organ diseases. The internal organ medication ar accustomed treat conditions of the associated with heart or the circulatory or vascular  biology several classes of vessel agents ar out there to treat the varied vessel conditions. the foremost usually used sub-category medication embrace metal, potassium, metal channel blockers, ACE-inhibitors and internal organ biomarkers. There ar principally half-dozen associations and societies and also the main association for internal organ Therapeutic Agents in USA. fifty universities ar performing on internal organ Therapeutic Agents. Recently 3 new medication were introduced in 2015. There ar many varieties of vessel medication within the market that embrace internal organ glycosides, anti-coagulants, anti-arrhythmic agents, anti-anginal agents and anti-hypertensive agents.Drug-Induced Cardiac Toxicity.

  • Drug-Induced Cardiac Toxicity
  • Novel Anti-Inflammatory Therapies for Atherosclerosis
  • Development of Novel Anti-Ischemic Agents
  • Beta Blockers Blocking
  • Cardiac Glycoside
Track 12: Hypertension

Hypertensive heart condition is caused by the high vital sign that affects the guts. The symptoms and signs of hypertensive heart condition can rely on whether or not or not it's in the midst of heart disease. the guts operating below enlarged pressure ends up in another heart disorders. hypertensive heart condition includes heart disease, thickening of the guts muscle, arteria illness, etc. within the absence of heart disease, high blood pressure, with or while not enlargement of the guts (left chamber hypertrophy) is typically well. hypertensive heart condition will cause serious health issues. It’s the leading explanation for death from high vital sign.Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

  • Coronary artery atherosclerosis.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
  • Athlete's heart (with LVH)
  • Congestive heart failure due to other etiologies.
  • Atrial fibrillation due to other etiologies.
  • Diastolic dysfunction due to other etiologies.

Market Research

Cardiology may be a branch of medication managing disorders of the center be it human or animal. the sector includes diagnosis and treatment of innate heart defects, criteria coronary sickness, heart condition, controller cardiovascular disease and electrocardiography. Physicians World Health Organization concentrate on this field of medication area unit known as cardiologists, a specialty of general medicine.The organizing committee is gearing up for AN exciting and informative conference program as well as comprehensive lectures, symposium workshops on a spread of topics, poster shows and numerous programs for participants from everywhere the world. we tend to invite you to hitch North American nation at the Annual Cardiologists Congress, wherever you may make sure to possess a pregnant expertise with students from round the world. All Organizing Committee members of the Annual Cardiologists Congress 2020 forestall to fulfil you in Tokyo, Japan.

The marketplace for Annual Cardiologists Congress is anticipated to achieve $19.64 billion by the top of 2021 with a CAGR of around eight.9% from 2016 to 2021. The growing demand for minimally invasive (MI) procedures is anticipated to drive the expansion prospects for the world internal organ surgery market within the forthcoming years. MI artery economical enhances the surgical exactitude by providing a 3D read of the patient that permits the manipulation of tiny surgical tools for the location of stents within the patient's body. As a result, 3D-MRI techniques for higher and improved imaging have hyperbolic the recognition of magnetic resonance imaging procedures, which is able to eventually increase the demand for internal organ surgeries. consistent with a report printed by the U.S. malady management and Prevention CDC agency federal agency government agency bureau office authority. ( Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) in 2011, inherent heart defects square measure the foremost common birth defects within the U.S., moving some I Chronicles of the births each year.

The market for 10th International Conference on Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery comprised of three segments:
  • Coronary guide wires, balloon dilatation catheters, guiding catheters and accessories
  • Coronary stents
  • Vascular closure devices (VCDs)
  • Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology
  • Cardiac Society of Australia & New Zealand
  • Russian Society of Cardiology
  • The Japanese Heart Failure Society
  • Japanese Society of Echocardiography
  • The World Society of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons
  • Asian Pacific Society of Hypertension
  • Association of Cardiologists of Kazakhstan; Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association
  • Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Asia
  • Chinese Society of Cardiology
  • The Pan-African Society of Cardiology (PASCAR)
  • Association of Pediatric Cardiology
  • Cardiological Society of India
  • Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Association of Black Cardiologists
  • Algerian Society of Hypertension
  • Interventional Cardiovascular Society of Malaysia
  • Israeli Cardiology and Critical Care Nursing Society
  • Japanese Society of Thoracic Radiology
  • Korean Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Kyrgyz Society of Cardiology; Lebanese Society of Cardiology
  • The Heart foundation of Malaysia
  • The Japanese Society of Hypertension
  • The American Society for Preventive Cardiology
  • American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
  • American Heart Association
  • ACC; American Stroke Association
  • Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions
  • Arizona Society of Echocardiography
  • Heart Failure Society of America
  • Canadian Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and  Rehabilitation;
  • Elsevier Society Partners in Cardiology
  • American Society for Preventive Cardiology
  • American Society of Echocardiography
  • American Society of Hypertension
  • Brazilian Society of Hypertension
  • Canadian Cardiovascular Society
  • Argentine Society of Cardiology
  • Canadian Association of Interventional Cardiology
  • Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia Society
  • The American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Society
  • European Society of Cardiology
  • British Cardiovascular Society
  • World Heart Federation
  • British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • World Heart Failure Society; Austrian Heart Foundation
  • Austrian Society of Cardiology; Philippine Heart Association
  • Belgian Society of Cardiology; Spanish Society of Cardiology
  • British Cardiac Society; International Academy of Cardiology
  • British Heart Foundation
  • British Hypertension Society
  • British Junior Cardiologists Association
  • Croatian Cardiac Society
  • European Cardiology Congress
  • European Society of Cardiology
  • British cardiology society
  • Luxembourg Society of Cardiology
  • British Heart Failure Society
  • Association of Cardiologists of Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Spanish Heart Foundation
  • Austrian Heart Foundation
  • Belorussian Scientific Society of Cardiologists.
  • Tsinghua University, China
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
  • University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Peking University, China
  • Australian National University, Australia
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong       
  • The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • University of Sydney, Australia
  • University of Queensland, Australia
  • Seoul National University, South Korea
  • Monash University, Australia
  • Kyoto University, Japan
  • Harvard
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • New York University (Langone)
  • Stanford University
  • University of California-San Francisco
  • Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
  • University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)
  • University of California-Los Angeles
  • Washington University-St. Louis
  • Duke University
  • Columbia University
  • University of Washington-Seattle
  • Yale University
  • The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • University of Barcelona, Spain
  • University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Heidelberg University, Germany
  • KU Leuven – University of Leuven, Belgium
  • University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Leiden University, Netherlands
  • Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
  • Karolinska Institute
  • St George's University of London
The global cardiovascular device market is estimated to reach $69.3 billion by 2022, and it is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2017 to 2022. This market growth is primarily driven by the growing demand for minimally invasive surgery, increasing healthcare expenditure, and growing geriatric population. The key opportunities for this market are increasing product launches and a large number of mergers and acquisitions between cardiovascular devices manufacturing companies across the world. These result in unfavorable market conditions for new players. The U.S leads the North American market, followed by Canada. Asia-Pacific signifies the fastest growing region for global cardiovascular devices, due to the growing geriatric population and increasing awareness about various cardiovascular devices. Some of the important Companies Mentioned in the Global Cardiovascular Devices are MAQUET GmbH & Co. KG, Sorin Group, Medtronic Inc., EndoPhotonix Inc., Terumo Corporation, SEMMT Inc., C. R. Bard Inc., Cardima Inc., Edwards Life sciences, Cyberheart Incorporated, MedWaves Incorporated, Kardium Inc., St. Jude Medical and others.


Awards @ Annual  Cardiologist Congress

Awards @ Annual  Cardiologist Congress: Recognizes the commitment and amazing work in all fields of academics and research.  By recognizing their contribution; Meetings International inspires and motivates scholars, researchers and academics by awarding the Best YRF and Researcher Awards in all academic disciplines and categories along with other specific awards. These awards include prestigious Certificate of Award with other gifts.

Best Poster Awards :To be eligible for the award Students interested in having their posters considered for the Annual  Cardiologist Congress , they must have submitted an abstract of their poster to the conference. The award committee will consider all posters that relate to the study of public opinion, whether they focus on theory, substantive findings, research methods, and/or statistical techniques used in such research. All posters will automatically be considered for the poster award and the posters will take place in the conference venue and Poster Judges will select the best posters. The winners will be formally announced during the closing ceremony. The winners will receive a certificate award.

Outstanding Masters /Ph.D./ Post. Doc Thesis work presentation Awards: Annual  Cardiologist Congress  gives the opportunity to young researchers in the different field of conferences. The best participants are selected as per their research abstract before the conference. If you are a young and dynamic researcher than you can join our conferences to explore new idea and research. A panel of judges will select the best YRF.  Best YRF will be recognized publicly at the end of the conference. The Best YRF Award will be given to the most outstanding presentation presented by a participant who has registered under the student category. Undergraduates, Master students, and Ph.D. students will be considered under this category. Selection of the YRF will be made on the basis of the participant contribution in the respective research field each submission will be accepted based on the sessions of the conference. Irrelevant submissions will be rejected. The acceptance and rejection of abstract submissions will be selected by the committee. All submissions will go through a quality checking. Final approved abstract will consider for YRF award.

Keynote Speaker Awards: Annual Cardiologist Congress chooses a relevant keynote speaker to speak at conference. All accepted keynote speakers proposals will be considered for the Best Keynote Speaker Award. The committee will select a number of candidates for the award among the accepted proposals. The winner will be selected at the conference, taking into consideration both the proposal and the presentation. Best keynote speaker can help to boost motivation, change their way of thinking and make audience energized and inspired. For Keynote the person should be eminent or highly affiliated like Dean, Professor, HOD, Chair persons, CEO, CFO, MD etc.  Selection of the Best Keynote Speaker will be made on the basis of the participant contribution and years of experience in the respective research field. Each submission will be accepted based on the quality of abstract and conference theme. Irrelevant submissions will be rejected .The acceptance and rejection of abstract submissions will be selected by the Organizing committee. All submissions will go through a quality checking. Final approved abstract will consider for Keynote award.

Outstanding Speaker Awards: Cardiology believes in recognising our best speaker. The best speaker is selected as per their research abstract before the conference. All winners are determined by a selection panel. This award is designed to recognise and identify outstanding speakers who have achieved recent extraordinary eminence and success. Being an outstanding speaker means to deliver a message that engages an audience. The outstanding speaker award will also be given on the basis of organization and professionalism of presentation, communication skills of the presenter and appropriate use of time. Each session will be evaluated separately. For speaker the person should be Professor, Researcher, Scientist, Entrepreneur etc. .Selection of the Speaker will be made on the basis of the participant contribution in the respective research field. Each submission will be accepted based on the quality of abstract and conference sessions. Irrelevant submissions will be rejected. The acceptance and rejection of abstract submissions will be selected by the Organizing committee. All submissions will go through a procedure of quality checking by our team. Final approved abstract will consider for outstanding speaker award.

OCM Awards: The organising committee can avail in the process of managing the multiple tasks that need to be done. Committee members, having a good erudition of the event management plan, are well placed to provide training, supervision and assistance to other personnel involved in the organisation of the event. Meetings International will honour as a best OCM the individual who has demonstrated their support and guidance throughout the conference. OCM should be eminent or highly affiliated like Dean, Professor, HOD, Chair persons, CEO, CFO, MD etc. .Selection of the best OCM will be made on the basis of the participant contribution and years of experience in the respective research field. They must have good number of research papers and citations and should be more number of years of experience.







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Conference Date July 22-23, 2020

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